Morocco: Where I plan on becoming like any other woman, only more so.

Casablanca reference. Catch it.

[that building is a minaret apart of the largest mosque in the world outside of Mecca]

Meknes, Morocco. Hopefully my location for 6-12 weeks this summer!
This is a mausoleum in Meknes.
But I’ve always loved Morocco culture. I did a project on it in 7th grade. I had to make a “float” on like a wagon and it smelled like a kebab. Will did Algeria I think? Which is cute because they are right next each other.
But it had music. and obviously I chose…
back to this trip and Meknes.
I’m so excited. Even at the prospect of it. I have so much to do; before I can even apply I need to get a passport. So even if I don’t do it, I’ll get a passport.
I’d be staying with a host family, so I don’t think I would take Arabic, at least I went for 6 weeks, because Moroccan Arabic is so different from Formal Arabic.
I would take the first three if I go 6 weeks, and all five if I go 12 weeks:
  • Gender Studies: A Case Study of Morocco
  • Exploration of Culture and History
  • Archeology in Morocco
  • Islamic Civilization and Artistic Expression
  • Beginning Arabic I

But what I am really excited about is: planning my soundtrack.

Kearney family tradition states that you HAVE to have a soundtrack of sorts for any trip. Whether it is planned meticulously on a series of mixtapes or if it is because you let Julianna pick out the music and she only picked one CD that every one likes.
And since I spent the greater part of senior year and this semester feeling like Zooey Deschanel in Almost Famous when she sneaks Bookends into her house under her coat by listening to Simon and Garfunkel by the gallon, and since Kate Hudson goes to Morocco at the end of the film, my soundtrack is going to be a lot of Simon & Garfunkel, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, The Who, The Allman Brothers and David Bowie.
That would probably be my soundtrack of my life anyway. Anyways Taylor Swift doesn’t really fit a) in that group or b) in Morocco.
Updates will continue to come on all Morocco plans, but I can’t really do anything until I get a passport, which I am planning to get over the Thanksgiving Break!
Happy Halloween everyone! Pictures of Peacock Flapper tonight!

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