Happy Halloween! and Something Weird about flippee.

My post-modern peacock outfit. I love it. I wish I could dress this all the time.

I spent the night hanging out with Ethandear at the Williams residence. I do love that family. We watched The Shining. And omg, I remember seeing “REDRUM” when I was little and that moment scared me for life. But it was amazing. and not that scary. Much more Hitchcock like than I assumed. But I don’t really get scared during scary movies and I get scared during movies I’m not supposed.
Here’s a secret: My number one most scared moment while watching a movie was during...Breaking Away. Yes, you’re thinking of the right one.
The bike movie.
When Dennis Quaid like jumps into the ravine with the lake and hides under the dumpster; I flipped out. I was convinced Dennis was a goner. But I think I saw this movie first when I hadn’t completely separated fiction and reality.
Like during the period when I thought Mel Gibson actually was disembowled and racked and beheaded while directing Braveheart. I honestly just assumed that was the last scene that was shot.

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