A Tale of Two Majors—English and Classical Languages

When asked what he looks for in a woman by the Proust Questionnaire at the back of Vanity Fair, Garrison Keillor said

High-spiritedness, wit, a love of repartee and wordplay and allusion and jokes—in other words,

an English major.

Well put, Mr. Keillor, who I actually had the oppurtunity to meet and chat with about golfcarts* at the Decatur Writing Festival this fall. And English Major [plus Classics] I will be. But here goes the rest of my academic plans that all point towards…becoming an academic.

Next semester I am planning on taking the following schedule (I’m registering in a week or so I believe)


Eng 322, The Woman Question in Victorian literature with [babuhdabum] Professor Cozzens! I’ve been waiting so long to have a class with her! My mom had her when she was at Agnes Scott for the M.A.T. program and I work with a lot of her current students in the Writing Center.

Lat 202, Intermediate Second Semester with Professor Jim Abbot!‡ I had Abbot this semester for History of Greek Civilization and I love him. This is the guy who makes me want to double major. I’ve never seen anyone get so excited by a 1/30th of a pediment.

Ant 101, I’m taking this in preparation for MOROCCO. [see next blog post] Plus it fulfills two graduation requirements. whoa. This class only meets on MW

Rel 232, Tibet in Film and Literature with Professor Zablocki. So everyone knows I love China. But the only country I love more than China, culturally, is Tibet! We just had a group of Tibetan monks on campus doing a sand painting. And it was very moving. Plus I love disenfranchised people. Could the Dalai Lama get cuter? And this class only meets twice a week from 5:30 to 8:30 on Mondays and 5:30-6:30 on Wednesday.


CLL 212, Greek and Roman Heroes with Professor MacEwan, and I will have gotten the flush of Classics Professors! This is my only class on Tuesday-Thursday.


*Why is this my default topic of conversation? I love golfcarts and I love Peachtree City. I suppose it was appropriate to mention to Mr. Keillor the quirk of my small-town life. But golfcarts? C’mon Emma, this guy is one of your favorite Apples to Apples† cards

†A favorite game among Kearneys. I hope to meet someday my other favorite living Apples to Apples card—Sean Connery. Our other automatic win card is Carl Sagan. But unfortunately the Great One has passed on.

‡ I like to exclaim a lot. Especially about English and Latin!

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  1. yess, emma, we will be in the woman question together

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