Crocheting Like Crazy

I thought I would post my latest projects and newest inspo that is helping me become a complete knitting/crocheting fiend. This hat was based on bon-bons with little bobbles al lthe way around it and a stretchy brim. Buddha is helping out with the modeling.

I’ve been working on my first big cable knitting project. and dagnumit, it is hard to keep track off. But this pattern (below) is my inspo, with the ribbing base and the double weave of front crosses and back crosses. The ribbing actually makes it easier for anyone attempting to cable because you have to read your own stiches instead of attempting to continually count. It is a scarf I’m working on and it is in a lovely purple, and has 4 of these patterns across. But knowing my knitting speed it will probably be done next winter.

I’ve also reinstated my love of Love Story and Ali MacGraw wardrobe. Maybe it is because of the weather finally being autumnal and me being on a college campus, I just feel like a ingenue. Specifically I am obsessed with her hats! and just made myself one in warm peacock colors with a flower on the side.

As soon as I get suitable yarn, I am setting out ot make this kind-of amigurumi Buddha.

My latest amigurumi: a hedgehog for Megan Mits, my lovely best friend who just turned 19th and has a severe thing for hedgehogs. and you can slightly see my Ali MacGraw hat in the background. Sorry for no better picture yet of the hat, webcam doesn’t do it justice.


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