First Week in Review


I love it here. Agnes is absolutely amazing. I won’t bore everyone with orientation overview because it was boring. But I will tell you some highlights!

The Food-Omg, best college food ever. Alice, my adorable roommate, has heard me rave about it. But they have these phenomenal soups. And one day foccacia, mozzarella, and arugela sandwichs! amazing

The people-I love the people I’ve met so much. They are all so different and quirky.

Frozen Yogurt-I forget what the place is called. But there is a delicious froyo place downtown that if I knew about before coming, Agnes would have number 1 a lot sooner.

Classes-Latin 201, American Lit Post 1700, History of Greek Civ, Modern Dance and Mindfulness 101, crazy hard, but crazy fun.

This week we’ll be volunteering tomorrow together as a class. I’m starting my work study job as a Writing Center aide and my first paper on D.H. Lawrence’s opinion of Benjamin Franklin is due on Wednesday!

I feel so collegiate. Like Ali McGraw in Love Story. Except without the unnamed fatal disease.


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