First Two Days: Report

So I officially love Agnes Scott, but hate orientation. I want to go to class!

My roommate is like a cooler version of me. Alice is so sweet and nice and super smart. I haven’t really met anyone else who I’m super close with, but I think that will change once classes start. I just hate the act of mingling, learning someone’s name only to forget it.

The room is all decorated with polka dots and blues and green. My classes seem to be locking themselves into place. Latin 201 and Mindfulness 101 for sure still. Possibly American Lit survey, because I have to get it over with sometime or Lyric Poetry. and I really want this Greek Civ. class now after meeting the wonderful Classics Department.

I haven’t had an official meal yet, only like continental breakfast and special meals for the orientation. That starts tomorrow if I manage to not sleep through breakfast. And tomorrow I am going to Tech! To see Megan, Christy and Katelyn, and possibly Jamie Wingo.


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